O U R  S E R V I C E S

From product research to delivery, we are always by the customer's side

Our goal is to provide comprehensive assistance, following the customer through all stages of developing a new product, from its initial research to the final delivery

For the type of products we handle, the presentation of what was once called a collection has become an almost obsolete practice.

We operate in close collaboration with the individual customer, both in the case of specific product requests and in the development and research of a quality suitable for the specific need.

Once the product is defined, our primary task is to determine which of our manufacturers is in a position to offer, in general terms, the best solution for our customer.

Our assistance encompasses not only purely commercial aspects but also those related to international banking, insurance, legal, and certification regulations.


O U R  M A R K E T S

For manufacturers located in Pakistan, India, China, Indonesia and Turkey we sell:

  • greiges and yarn dyed fabrics for home and hotel

  • greiges, PFD, yarn-dyed and piece-dyed fabrics for men's, women's and children's inner (linings) and outergarments

Our main clientele is not only located in our country but also in Switzerland, Germany, Portugal, Spain, the Czech Republic, and the United States